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Im a crazy rain person! W1 R2

So my second run and i feel the need to blog about it was in the rain!.I was one of those people i see,in leggings and a vest top running whilst im usually in a waterproof thinking "they're crazy!" . Backtrack,woke up this morning for my second run to find the animals were pairing up ..rain rain and more rain..and i thought "i cant run in this".Came online,read some of your blogs about running in the rain and thought "Right i will!" ..and i am sooo glad i did. If i could do C25K in the rain on every run then i would!.Almost an indescribable feeling,and i loved it! So if there are people who have only just started running and think that the rain is a deterrent all i can say is 'try it' .You might just love it :)

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Well done!!!!

I've only ran in the rain a few times but its lovely, second time I realised I needed a cap on to keep the rain out my eyes and once I did that I too could have run in the rain every time!

Keep at it! week one feels tough but you'll love week two and you'll soon notice the difference.

I also gave up smoking to run and used the running to take my mind off it! x


I love running in the rain. Somehow its better if I step out into the dry and it rains awhilst I am out, not quite got used to stepping out into the rain yet!

Snow is really cool to run in if you'll pardon the pun and hail can sting like a whatsit :-)

It's amazing what this game makes you do isn't it? I gave up my tea and last night so I could go and run round a field in the twilight..........cracking evening but who would have thought........

Glad you are enjoying it.


I've discovered that my favourite weather for running is just like today, overcast, not too hot (about 18degrees) and gentle drizzle! Must be the Irish genes. It's amazing what you find out about yourself on this programme! Good luck and keep up the good work. I'm on week 9 and can't wait to graduate!


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