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Starting week 6 again

Yesterday I did not have a good run. I gave up in the second 10 minutes run probably because I did not have a good rest. I should have waited until today but I knnew that today was going to be a busy and wet day.

Anyway i have decided to repeat week 6 as I need to get ready for the continous runs that come after this week. I have also decided to create my own playlists as I hate the songs in Laura's podcast (sorry Laura, I love your comments though). What I am going to do is to get a playlist with around 10 songs and I will use the number of songs as my marker.

We'll see how it goes!

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I have found that it is really hard some days and getting motivated is very difficult. Other days you feel great and it is easy - just take it as it comes.


we all have to do this when we are ready but I hated w6r1 and the intervals after running for 20 minutes but it must be there for a reason. I am sure on a different day you will be fine.


Please eat pasta or rice and sleep 8 hours before the next move.

You need carbohydrates to replenish your muscles of glycogen and remember, the rest is part of the training.


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