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Weather fail...W3R2

Today was my day for a 6.30 start, but at the sound of the rain drizzling down, I hit the snooze button and thought 'I'll go later, after work'. My rationale was that when I go away this weekend I want to pack dry shoes so I can fit in my Saturday run. Now I'm determined that I have to catch up after work today, but feeling a bit bummed because nothing has broken my routine before now.

The general advice on here seems to be that running in all weathers is the go, so I'm totally second guessing my decision here...

Hopefully I get home from work and get straight out the door to clear today's run. I'm viewing this as a test of my determination and also a lesson that sometimes you have to be flexible... right?

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Honestly, rain is off-putting when you're sat at home, under the duvet or whatever, but I seriously have my best runs in the rain. The rain actually feels nice and keeps you cool.

Obviously, if it's pelting down, you might want a bit of protection, but this morning was light rain and I was out in my t-shirt enjoying it!

Try it tonight, you might just enjoy it :)


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