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W6R2 completed

A cooler morning after last night's thunderstorm. There was still some low cloud hugging the mountains but the sun was bathing the mountains above in a beautiful fresh light. A lovely setting for a run! I set out on the first 10min run at a steady pace and I passed another jogger!! When Laura told me I had just 60s to go I dug in and increased my speed slightly knowing that, by now, 3mins walking would be plenty of time to recover. I got almost as far in 10mins as I got halfway through my previous run. I turned round during my walk and did the same again. I passed the other jogger again who had also turned round, but this time managed a cheery "morgen!". She said something I didn't understand as I went past (my German is sadly limited).

So that's my last run with intervals. From now on I'll be running solid blocks of (increasing - gulp!) time. My fitness levels have definitely improved so I'm sure I can manage it. 17 runs completed. Only 10 more until I achieve my goal! And only one more run in this spectacular location as we fly home on Saturday.

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Well done, sounds like a great place to be running


Oh, it's lovely!


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