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Wk5R1 and the cola crutch:)

i start my podcast week on a Wednesday so that I can do the last of each of the three runs on Mondays after two rest days. I think I might need every hour of them for the final run of wk 5! I did wonder how I would get on with the first run, given that I've had two restless nights and felt tired this morning. However, I perked myself up with a glass of cola half an hour before my trip to the gym (tasted very funny on top of the toothpaste I'd used just a few minutes before!) If cola makes the grandchildren run around like clockwork toys, surely it would give me a bit of a boost! ( I decided I'd deal with the sugar crash after I'd done the run- sufficient unto the day and all that!)

I quite enjoyed the first two 5 minute spells, concentrating on my breathing, listening to music, nodding my head enthusiastically to Laura's words of wisdom- not bad! The third 5 minutes were a bit of a slog but I reminded myself of my glass of cola and used it to drive me on. So there I am, cola assisted and thinking that if I get a couple of good nights' sleep I might be able to dipense with the cola crutch next time. :) Watch this space:P

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Well done! I did my w5r1 yesterday and my legs are still a bit "leggy"


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