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I'm now 4 weeks into my half marathon schedule ('just' 11 weeks to go!)

After graduation, I was delighted with my new fitness, but disappointed I had lost very little weight. Yes, people said I looked more toned, but the scales didn't confirm this so I had the right hump!

Anyhoo, I continued doing three runs a week for a few weeks until I strated the HM training. This is 4 runs a week, mostly around the 30-40 min mark with only one longer run a week, so not a million miles harder than week 9 of C25K.

But, having run 4 times a week for 4 weeks, I have lost some weight! I'm down a belt buckle notch and clothes feel looser.

Now, I could NOT have coped with four runs a week before finishing C25K, and even just after, it was enough to work on pace and speed without doing much more.

But now I'm ready and primed to run more often, it is makig a difference to my waistline. I'm not really limiting food, just being sensible and not eating between meals.

Just wanted to share, because I know many of us have felt frustrated at working so hard and seeing no movement on the scales. It will happen! But it'll happen at the right time, when C25K has given you all the preparation and conditioning you need to take it further. :)

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Well done ChrisMcB I like your style, you are so positive too.

But you know you are wrong about not having lost weight, you will have lost (sorry if this sounds harsh) flabby fat and gained muscle which weighs more than the fat would have done. You are much more toned and altogther much healthier, congratulations young man. Good luck for your HM let us know how you get on too. Loved your post you are so motivated. :)


Well done on all you've achieved. Thanks for writing this because it is a bit disappointing not to see the pounds drop away. I dream on then for the future lithe self.


Good to hear! I lost a bit during the programme as had moderated my diet (cut out the rubbish!) but kind of fell of the wagon back (& back to eating rubbish)in April so have stayed the same although still running! Am now on a mission to cut out the rubbish (rather than mega diet), lose a few pounds and keep up the running. YTD 10lbs so a fair few more to go!

What plan are you following for the HM?


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