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Week 8 Run 2 Part 2

Having failed at 6:30am because of cramp, i was totally fed up. however at 10:30 i decided to try again.

What a difference! i have just been out and ran 4 miles in 30 mins, i feel on top of the world. I can hardly believe it, yes Folks you read correctly

4 miles in 30 mins.

This was the best run i have ever had and i am now looking forward to Run3 so much. By not giving up and being defeated by my early morning endeavour, i surpassed it by going further.

so i hope this blog encourages others to try and try again. i am now going to do my usual sit up routine of 90 sit ups, so bye for now people and happy running to you all.

and yes i have a big cheesy grin for running 4 miles and yes i am insane and am now going to do 90 sit ups.

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Love it!


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