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New running shoes

Hate 'em. :-( I've been running in a pair of £5 Tesco trainers the last few months. They are now ready for the bin, cracked top and bottom. :-) :-) Got a new pair of running shoes, I've been wearing it for a few days walking about. Went running with them this morning (I did week 3 instead of week 7 just to break in gently). It is just not the same as my pair of cheapies. I am doing race for life on the 01st of July, so only 3 or 4 more runs left before then. Will this give me enough time to get used to the new ones or should I stick to the old ones til after then?

Oh these important life decisions... ;-) ;-) :-)

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Hi, like you I recntly got new shoes, and I love them. If you got them in a proper runing shop, maybe go back and ask if they could check they are definitely right for you. I've heard of people returning slightly used shoes to Sweat Shop because they weren't comfortable. They aren't cheap, so make sure you get ones that feel good :)


I agree with Chris go back to the running shop if you feel they are not right for you. But you know running shoes have loads of the RIGHT support in them so they will take time to get used to them after wearing things that felt like gloves on your feet. Give them another short outing and see how it goes, try even a good walk in them too. Then if your still not happy take them back.


I have been for gait analysis and bought new shoes since starting c25k and every time I have been running in them (6 times in total) I have ended up with my right shin muscle cramping, so I'm not impressed with mine at the moment. I am going to try a run in my old trainers to see whether it happens in them, if not I will be taking my new trainers back and changing them.


Got mine in Sweatshop this week - they do a 30 day money back guarantee f you dont get on with them

And they make sure they are right for you before you buy. Well worth it


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