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Runability, Bury St Edmunds - can't praise enough

Spent over an hour in there this morning. What a fantastic service. Had my gait analysed. Received loads of advice; exercises, how to massage, when to apply ice or heat. Help with shin splints and general advice.

Will probably miss Race for Life this Sunday and will go back to week 6 or 7 when I can run again but keen to get back to it. Was a bit worried I'd be hanging up my trainers but providing I do what needs to be done and give enough time to heal no reason I won't get there. Woo hoo.

Thank you runability. What a huge help. Will def be going back for all my running needs. And have a great new pair of running shoes. The assistant that helped me today runs 50 - 60 miles a week!!

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sounds like you had some fab customer service. hope ur back to running soon :)


You must mean business if you have some supa dupa new trainers. I saw someone out in a pair of converse trainers when I was running today. I tut tutted, but she was faster by far than me, it wasn't holding her back!

Hope you are back in working order soon


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