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Week 5, Day 3. Who would've thunk it?!

I don't normally write a lot in my blogs, but I shall just tell my story of this run and the build up to it, just in case someone may be able to take some positives out of it.

Completed W5 D3 today and covered 2.2 miles all told. While this isn't groundbreaking, i'll point out that at 25 stone, I, like dozens of others going through this process doubted myself all along. I had never ran for more than 10 minutes in my life apart from Cross Country at school. Horrid memories! Ha!

The first 10 minutes seemed for last forever and I could see myself giving up after about 12! But, when I started think about how far I and my fellow runners have come since W1 D1 and the fact that you are actually RUNNING, my rhythm became consistent, I started to relish the challenge and my legs carried me without a whimper to the last 60 second mark where I could afford a smile! (and to be truthful, became a little tearful!)

So, for those who are doubting their capabilities, bear this in mind when you feel like packing it in mid run. If I can do this, at my weight, you can do it too and do it with a smile on your face.

Granted, I am absolutely knackered! ;-)

Bring on Week 6! Not until Monday though please.........

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Good for you! Well done for getting out there and making it happen :)

We're all fighting battles whether it's weight, fitness or even depression and running seems to be the answer to all of these problems! I've never been happier than when I'm running (presuming I'm in the zone and have found my pace and my breathing is ok) ;)


Thank you for your very encouraging account. I've just finished Wk 4 and still can't imagine 20 minutes. I keep telling myself that if Laura says I can, then I can, but to hear you say you've actually done it makes all the difference. (And I'm going to stop worrying that my weight is actually going up rather than down!).


Innuendo your words could have been from me several months ago when I was at that stage. Very well done, you are doing so well and deserve to feel very proud of yourself. Keep up the positive attitude it will carry you through to your graduation run without any doubt. :) Its lovely reading posts like yours it just goes to show anyone can really do this if they put their mind to it, my hubby said I was crazy when I announced at 61 years young I was going to learn how to run!!!!


WELL DONE! Great encouragement to others


o, yes, Innuendo! Wonderful post! I'm only a little ahead of you, and remember how the doubt just assails you...keep up the good work, and congratulations on another week of running!


Brilliant and 2.2 miles as well!. Well done and keep it up.


FANTASTIC!! Well done you, you should be so proud of yourself and what you have achieved. Keep at it you are a true winner :)


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