Couch to 5K

Confidence and getting to know 'me' - blast that Chatter Monkey!

Had a horrid run on W7R3 and didn't know how to continue. Had a virus/cold and didn't give myself credit for that!! I decided to take some time out, and didn't know where to start again and decided to re-do W7R3 and not go on to W8 as 7 not finished properly.

I was so worried before going out; after 5 days would I cope with it? Had my stamina, painfully built up over the last 7 weeks gone? Got up on Saturday 5.45am and did it!! Yeh - I felt as though I had had a break through - what was I so worried about?

I hadn't realised quite how physically under par I was on W7R3, my knee had been giving me a slight problem and this virus too. I had thought it my mind playing tricks and coming up with cunning plans to put me off and was determined to get the better of it. By taking those extra days off, not giving in and allowing myself a bit of extra time has paid off.

I have now done W8R1 and feel that I am coping well and can see the end in sight. I have learnt alot about myself, boy that chatter monkey that comes along every now and then, the shear b***dy determination that kicks in too, when sometimes your body is actually saying something different and it's not the monkey after all.

Everybody who had had a bad one, hang on in there, you get more energy and it's so well worthwhile and satisfying - truly it does make that smile come back :)

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Well done on getting back on the horse after your bad run - glad to hear that week 8 is going well for you!


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