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4 miles again - but a bit of walking again too

When I first graduated I rushed ahead and tried to add more and more time and distance to my runs then I had a phase where I couldn't keep going and had to walk which really knocked my confidence. So I have been trying to consolidate and achieve 5k on a regular basis and I have gradually started to go faster too.

But I've been thinking that I need to try to go a bit further again.

Because I find the beginning of each run tough I didn't want to tell myself that I was going for 4 miles - I was just going to try to get to 5k and then see if I could go any further.

On Friday night I went out running with a friend I hadn't run with before and with a couple of walking bits did 3.8 miles and then on Sunday evening I went out again.

But this run was tough from the start and I ran out of steam and needed to walk a little bit after the first mile and then again after the second. Once I got started again I was determined to keep going and determined to "make up" for my walking by running further and longer so I pushed on until I'd done 4 miles - and then I practically collapsed with exhaustion!!

I really felt quite rough after this run and for a couple of hours afterwards - really until bedtime. I don't know if it's because I had just got back from a 3 mile walk when I went out for my run or if it's just a cyclical thing - that I will feel more tired at times.

My legs were tired this morning but I've been for another 3 mile walk and have been to bootcamp and the gym too so I wont be running again until Wednesday night's running club!

I think I will continue to try and run 5k, do intervals and every now and then push to run further - I still need to work out a new routine to fit in the running club with running 3 times a week.

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So, was your goal during this run to increase your speed or run 4 miles? It seems like you were trying to do both, and that is why you became so tuckered out.


I tell ya, i'm a graduate who is struggling too. I think i need to get on a plan and stick with it. I've tried repeating week 9, running to my own music, free-styling it and doing walk/ run intervals... Just hoping the new podcast comes out soon and that i'll be in shape to follow it.


I'm glad it's not just me who is struggling after graduating. I think I need a constant challenge to keep me going. Roll on the new podcast


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