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One week off and back in for W5R1-DONE!!

I am a regular reader of the blogs, mostly reading the ones that are relevant to where I am. Thought it was about time I added my tuppence. As last week was half term, I didn't get a chance to run, which, surprisingly really frustrated me. Who'd have thought it 5 weeks ago? So this morning, child #1 dropped at school, and with child #2 firmly strapped into his 3 wheeler, and neurotic labrador at my heels, off I went. And it was brill. The sense of elation I get every time I manage to complete a run is worth it and inspires me to continue. I know there is the "big" one at the end of this week, but mind over matter says I will do it (I hope). A final note. Has anyone ever noticed that no matter where you start the run, the final strait is always into the wind?!?

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Well done I cant imagine doing any of this pushing a buggy too there again I use a treadmill lol.

My hat off to you.


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