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Week 7 run 1

Overslept this morning, not the best start to my week. I was feeling really tired this morning.

Anyhow got up grab my running gear and got dressed. I picked up my I-pod and headed out the door. Started my usual 5 min warm up walk.

Then started what I can only describe as a battle ( the run ) straight away I had a stitch in my side but I continued after 5 mins the stitch went buty legs felt like lead weights.

I continued though, I thought to myself I have come this far that there is no way that im quiting. Finally Laura voice whispered those loving words your half way only another 12 and a half mins to go.

So I increase my pace ever so slightly, not advisable but hey I'm stupid. I managed it though. To my surprise but a bigger surprise what yet to come when I checked the distance I had run 3.1 miles in 25 mins or 5k I had already achieved 5k. Needless to say I was very pleased.

That was a shock and even though I did 5k I still intend to follow the programme right to the end. So I am now looking forward to run 2 of week 7.

Not long to go before I graduate. Then the running gets a little

more serious as I work up from 5k to 10k. I have from now untill may 2013 to get ready for Edinburgh Marathon. So let the fun begin.

To all my fellow runners, from beginners to seasoned veterans keep up the good work guys and many thanks to all who I sent my kind words of encouragement .

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Wow, 5k in 25 minutes already? That's pretty impressive!


i am still amazed at that myself, its roughly 8 mins a mile. i was quite good at running 20 something years ago at school but thanks for you comment


Cool! You'll take a minute off that in a race I bet you.

I can never figure out why somedays you feel like you are wading through treacle only to find out at the end you have run further and/or faster than you do when you feel "fresh".

Go figure o.O


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