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Just done 7K!

I did my longest run ever this morning. The alarm went off at 6.15am and I so did not want to get up. I had to drag myself out of bed and reluctantly put my running gear on. The one positive was that it was raining lightly but with no wind. Perfect weather to run in I think.

Off I go. After a mile endomondo gives me my first mile time and it was just over 10 mins, I'm normally under 10 mins so was a bit miffed. But on I plodded. The next mile was 9 mins 23! I was very pleased and just felt great. I normally stop just after 3 miles (about 5k) but I actually felt fantastic and kept going. In the end I did 4.42miles (7.1k) in 42 mins. I was so chuffed. Maybe 10k is a possibilty one day.

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Well done, brilliant. I did my w7r1 yesterday and just managed it, very hard work. I am not sure what my distance is as just concentrating on keeping going. We will get there!!!


Well done Babana...7k is really good....:)


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