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Week 3 run 3

Was awake early yesterday so decided to get up and do my run early before anyone else was out and about.

So off I went at 6.30 with my 9 year old daughter in tow (she keeps asking to come with me so finally gave in as she was up early too).

Managed all jogging sessions breathing wise but my calf and shin on my right leg felt really tight and crampy (just as it did on w1 r1) and I had to do some stretches during the walking sessions. Weirdly though my leg didn't feel as tight when running as it did when walking! (how does that work?)

Anyway finished the run and did my cool down walk home.

When we got home we were having a long drink and banana and my daughter said to me "I can run much faster than that, you run at an old grannies pace"

Don't you just love them!

She won't be coming with me again in a hurry :)

Week 4 here I come.

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Well done you! Sorry to hear you're cramping (maybe it was just your daughter cramping you style?!)

Kids say the funniest things eh! ;)

I'm off for W5R1 this evening, fingers crossed!


Well done!! I just did w4r1 and it was really okay. Knees ache a bit but I think they're entitled to! I can't imagine doing this running with someone else. I don't see how I'd be able to keep my pace, or lack of it, going. Have a great week 4 in solo!


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