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Burning/itchy foot?

I hate to admit this, but I'm among friends right?? :-)

I had a disastrous parkrun yesterday - well, part of a park run - I'd nearly completed lap 2 of 3 and diverted off to the carpark instead of run 3.

In my defence:

1. I was running late, so had to run (sprint!) to the start point and only just made it.

2. I had an itching/burning sensation across the tops of my toes on one foot and down the outside edge. If felt abit like chillblain pain.

Anyone had this pain before? My shoes are in good condition - I've only had them since January. The itching/pain went off after I sat down in the car and hasn't come back all weekend. My foot looked perfectly normal when I checked it when I got home.

I'm going to run tomorrow, weather permitting and see if it comes back - but just wondered if anyone else has had it.



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Cold to hot quickly? If you drove, maybe you had the heater aiming down to your feet? It was probably one of those things that you'll never know! Hope you get it solved though x


Athletes Foot, well you said you sprinted from the car park!! :)


lol - well I ran today and nothing! I did have some shin pain though (first time ever!) so I think I might have overdone it with the sprinting on Saturday :-)


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