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Week 3 Day 2 : A triumph!

As i was walking into the gym, i hadnt quite made my mind up. Should i do a thirty minute week 9 run at a nice slow 7.5kph again, or should i bash on with a week 3 run? Well, i opted for week 3 run 2, but that wasnt all.

I completed week 3 at 11kph!!! There was a few points i didnt think i would make it, I am noticing that its my breathing capacity which isnt keeping up, weird as that was what improved the quickest first time round. But, i was not stopping there. After finishing the final three minute interval, i had my lovely calm down walk, and thought, sod it. Lets go out and see if i can do a few minutes at my normal slow endurance pace.

So, i started back up at 7.5kph. Wow, 7.5kph felt really really slow. So after a couple of mins i knocked it up to 8kph, not braver than that. I thought i'll give it five minutes, than ten minutes.

I noticed at ten minutes i was actually at 4.5km in total distance (including the week 3 run) i knew i could keep going, anyway i kept going for sixteen minutes straight, on top of my week 3 run 2 which was at my fastest pace so far. Why not just get to the end and actually do 5k?

I feel like i am repeating earlier blog posts, but it is absolutely amazing how our bodies can improve so much.

It was pure murder first time round, and that was just doing week 3 at little more than 6/6.5kph.

Here i am ten weeks later, doing the same week 3 run at 11kph, and *also* doing a straight sixteen minute run straight after only few minutes of cool down.

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Wow, great post. Very inspirational. My next run is W3R2 but 1st round and I am about 6kph. Shows me, that with dedication and determination, I too will be able to up my pace. By the end of August, hopefully I can be like you.


I am sure you will! just keep at it.

lol, there are very few people who want to be like me, so thanks.. You know what, by August i dont want to be like me. I am hoping to have lost another twenty pounds by the end of august, 50lbs gone already...


great stuff! i have no idea how fast im going as i dont run on a treadmill and dont have a gps watch (yet) but it sounds a fantastic achievement. go you :)


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