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Well did I find week 6 run 1 hard .....yes

After Friday in my new Mrs Invincible persona when I did the 20 minutes and felt amazing, today felt like running in treacle.

Was raring to go and was surprised when I found the first 5minutes difficult but stopping and restarting for the 8 and knowing when you got to the end of the middle run you hadn’t finished. That was the hard part getting to 15 in week 5 was a high as you only had 5 minutes to go but stopping and restarting I just didn’t get into it.

Ah well it was just a bad day and I will get through. I have also hit a dilemma I go on holiday beginning July when I should be on week 2 of day 9. I can do strictly every other day instead of 3 x a week but I will finish the day before I leave fabulous. This unfortunately adds pressure as I have no leeway. I know I can run on holiday but I use a treadmill and found outside running much harder on the knees.

How would you cope with this aim to complete every run find a treadmill in Ireland or miss a rest day and go for day 2 tomorrow.

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If it's a beach holiday why not run along the shoreline where the damp sand is firmer but kinder on the knees. Go early before it gets hot and crowded.


I dont know if Ireland knows hot or crowded but thanks for the tip I will give that a go.


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