Couch to 5K

W3R1 and then some!

this morning I completed w3r1 and due to guilt for over indulging yesterday instead of doing my warm down, I restarted the podcast and did it again. Considering that just 2 weeks ago running 60 seconds nearly killed me, I am now convinced I will do this thanks to Laura and all the wonderful support and inspiration I get from you all on this forum. Only the weighing scales at slimming world on Tuesday will tell me if today's extra running will make up for yesterday's packet of crisps and chicken tikka kebab. Hey, I can really do this!

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Week 3 r1 probably burnt off the bag of crisps only... The chicken tikka kebab by itself was probably ok. Its the mayonnaise, the pitta bread and whatever they drizzle over the salad thats the killer.

For the chicken kebab to be slimming world friendly, replace the pitta with a wholemeal pitta (coop about 50p for 6), that's your health extra B, and replace the mayo with either lighter than light mayo mixed in with garlic, or for that extra delicious taste, mix in some fat free yoghurt and garlic (also some mint if you have some) it is incredible to dip into.


well done you doing it twice thats dedication.


I did use my own light mayo but definitely like the sound of added garlic and mint. It was actually in a naan rather than a pitta but I didn't eat it all. It's nice to know that all is not lost if I slip up on the eating front now Im running. A new dress that I bought 3 weeks ago that was a bit tight now fits me perfectly. I really think that C25K and slimming world is a great combination. So far 9.5lb off in 3 weeks.


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