Couch to 5K

Week 8 R1 done

Well, sun was shining today and as I haven't run since Monday I had no more excuses to put off Week 8.

I am proud to say I managed it with no problem (although was slower than last week) and I even managed to speed up for the last minute. The music was much better this week which helped too

However, I can't see I'll be running 5K in 30 minutes at week 9 as I'm running just under 4K in 28 minutes. Oh well, I will put some of it down to my age but my long term aims now are i) to run longer distances at a similar pace and ii) to speed up a bit on shorter distances. I just love running!

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I'm the same with the distance but I guess we will get there eventually! Well done on getting this far.


Thanks - keep me posted. Will be great to see us both progress.


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