Couch to 5K

Rain runner, hell yeah!

Yesterday, I accomplished a 40 min run in the rain and I loved it. It's my 3rd since graduating last Saturday and on on each run I've kept to my 40 min increase, covering 7k on each one. I was in two minds yesterday to go out especially with the down pour, but I kept my head strong and ventured out. I now know there is nothing to keep me from running, and that will continue. Tomorrow I am off to Portugal, so new country, new climate, same running shoes. Oh p.s, if anyone knows how to get these graduate badges to magically appear please send the wizard my way. Good luck to everyone on their running ventures, keep head strong, just knock down those brick walls and fight through those stitches ( I did ) .

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Ahh, well done. You put me to shame. My head's in a bad place at the moment - I'm cold and just can't get out of that door. And you went in the rain - top marks. Now please just send a bit of your mindset this way please!!!

(there's a blog to post on to ask for a graduate badge but I think the badge fairy must be on holiday as lots of us are waiting - no harm in posting though. Search 'graduate badge' and you'll find it).


Well done!

Enjoy Portugal and don't forget to blog from the sun and make us all jealous.


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