Couch to 5K

Finally managed Week 7!

I've only run it once successfully, but I ran it on the treadmill today and I think having a fast runner next to me kept me in line, plus I have a slight fear of the damn things so that added up to me actually finishing the whole 25 minutes and at a slightly faster pace than usual! :)

Not the most relaxing run but hey I did it at LAST! :)

I think I'm going to mix it up from now on between park running and treadmilling it!

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ive yet to do this got my last run on wk6 on tuesday . i do all mine on treadmill as feel more comfitable on there .i did the 20 mins ok . but that 5 minutes can seem for ever just hope im ready for it .;-)



I've found it easier on the treadmill I have to be honest, I think because I just keep going whereas on the pavement it's too easy for me to just stop!

Just keep going, you can do it, the main thing I've learnt is once you can do 20 minutes it's pretty much all in your mind, your body is cool with the running, you've just got to convince your brain you can! Good luck!


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