Couch to 5K

Better late than never - made it to graduation!

Well, it's been a long time coming but I finally made it!

I started running all the way back in March and stuck to the plan religiously for the first few weeks, going out running three times a week and using the podcast every time... Once I got to about week 7 though I started going seriously off-piste. I've mostly just been going out and running with my own music, or no music at all; I did complete weeks 7 and 8, in a bit of a haphazard way, but for a while I was only going running out twice a week and I was stuck in a rut of doing 25 or 28 minutes. I'm not sure what it was, but I had a mental block about pushing myself to do week 9 and finish the programme.

Last Friday I decided what the heck, I'd just keep running for as long as I could without looking at the time, and see how far I got... and I managed to do 35 minutes! That really spurred me to keep pushing on and finish week 9 properly. I went out and did another 30 minute run on Sunday, and then last night I did one more 30 minute run (with the C25k podcast for a change) to finish the programme off properly :)

My plan now is to do another week of 30 minute runs, then starting working on running further as I’m doing nowhere near 5k at the moment.

Now, who do I need to ask about getting a graduate badge? :D

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Well done, you must feel great!


JR21 is the giver of graduate badges, just inbox him.

Well done for graduating :)


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