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And she ran

7 is the magic number today. Day 27 and I'm on week 7, run 7. And no, I didn't run for 27 minutes. But for the whole required 25! Yay! And I covered 3,85 km.

I wanted to go out two hours earlier than I did, but ended up going around 9am. I usually have cereals for breakfast, but today I followed some peoples advice and only had water, a cereal bar and a banana. And I didn't think "I feel sick" or "i'm hungry" once! Totally forgot that I had this little amount of breakfast.

Also luckily I decided on a tanktop and short pants instead of the 3/4-pants. I wouldn't be caught dead in shorts like this (like hot pant short) in "normal" life, but today I was really glad I had them.

The first half of the run was really good. After I turned around (after 10 and something minutes) I felt this litte voice in my head, but I told it to be quiet and ran on. The last five mintes were hard work then. It was going uphill a little and I felt a stitch coming. But I ran on and stopped nearly exactly infront of the house. Not that I planned that - I planned another route that would have led me even more uphill and I couldn't have done that anymore at that point. You don't notice the little changes in elevation when you walk... when running I even run on the street and not on the sidewalk where it goes up and down when a street crossed. Never gave much thought to that before I started this programme! Finally home I wandered around in the garden for a bit for the cool down. Also a nice change. ;)

Sooo, one run left in week 7. Even if I didn't complete what I thought should be the first "real" run of week 7, I'll take the finished run before that failed on (which was run 5 of week 7) and move on to week 8 next week. I use my own music now, but knowing that it still is week 7 - even if there is nothing showing that only my head - feels as if I'm really stuck. If that makes sense. Moving in will be feeling so good by now! :D

Happy running!

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Well done, you're doing great! The programme truely is amazing and teaches you so much about your own ability. :)


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