W7 R2 beat me....boo

Only managed 22 minutes (get me, only 22 minutes) but really cross with myself. My legs just stopped. Had made my own playlist which was fine although I did miss the encouraging words from Laura and her prompts at exactly the right moments. I'm sure if you're clever you can have both but I'm not so I can't.

Really don't want to do that run again so will move onto run 3 tomorrow and whip it. I think a factor for me was lack of sleep as had a rubbish night with my 3 yr old so consequently only had a couple of hours. Trouble is having failed with the run, I also had a spectacular fail on the healthy eating. Doh!! Just as the weight had started to pack it's back and slowly clear off.......

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  • Iam with you! Just finished W8R1 and its much harder work now isn't it! I now long for a 3 minute walk every now and then! I didn't have Laura today as she ran out of battery. It is definitely mind over matter now and if you didn't sleep well last night, your mind will not be co-operating!

    Definitely move on to R3 :) and look back over these last few weeks. Who'd have thought it?! :)

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