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Today wasn't meant to be :(

Today was W8R1. I've been pretty good with the programme so far, from about week two, I've been running on every other day without fail.

However, I went for a run last Sunday and then effectively took 4 days off as my wife was away and I was on parenting duties with our youngest. Subconsciously, because I knew I wouldn't be running until today, the diet kinda went out the window and I felt really sluggish this morning when I woke up, but still got ready and went for a run.

I've been using my own music via the RunKeeper phone app which i've set to 28 minutes so i can follow the plan, but today I felt confident. I set the run to 5k and went for it.

After a few minutes of struggling with pace (and running up hill) I found my stride on the flatter stuff and got into it. It was slightly humid so I struggled with my breathing after uphill sections but all in all, it was fun.

I've extended my usual route though so I can squeeze 5k into it along with warm up & cool downs, but this new route involves more downhill sections.

After about 18 minutes into the run, back ache reared it's head, but it felt more muscular than strain - I'm sure its the way I run down hill. I force myself to slow down to avoid shin splints but feel like it's the slowing down process that damages my back. I tried to run through the pain for 3 or 4 minutes but eventually had to drop to a walk for a minute or so.

The pain subsided which was nice so picked up the running again, really tough, no stride or pace and managed 30 seconds running before dropping back to a walk. Paused the app and felt deflated.

I walked for 250 metres or so, looked at my phone and it said I'd already run 4.3km!!! So that spurred me on, I immediately unpaused it and ran, ran and ran until I heard 'session end, distance 5 km' through my headphones

5k!!! Checked the time and it said 28 minutes 43s. I was over the moon, I'd done the 28 minutes (even with a walk) and hit the 5k mark. So I walked home with a smile on my face.

It's only when I got in and examined the run on my phone that I realised the app had started the route 0.7km before I even started running, so the numbers were wrong :(

Feeling gutted that I had to stop after 20 minutes or so, but still proud for getting out and hitting the streets when I felt so sluggish after the last 4 days of chocolate-fueled madness.

Next run is on Saturday, wish me luck :)

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Gosh! You may be disappointed but you are FAST!! I have just completed the same run but a lot slower!

The jubilee has got in the way of my plan too! Well its my excuse anyway.

When you have finished R2 on Saturday and you are sitting down to your cornflakes, about 10 minutes after you have finished, think of me and I will still be plodding along :)

Good luck for Saturday! :)


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