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Why could I not do it?

On Monday I completed W5R3, not easily but I did it, so when I heard what W6R1 entailed I thought it would not be a problem, back to shorter runs with walking breaks. However although I managed the first 5 mins I could just not finish the 8 min run and ended up walking after about 5 mins. I then walked until the last 5 min run which I managed ok. It was the muscles in the front of my thighs that just gave up and would not work. Think I will have to have a 2 day rest after long runs instead of just oneday off. also perhaps I need to visit a physio for advice on some exercises to build up those muscles. They also let me down W4R3.

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I think Week 6 has caught a lot of us out. I ran 5 minutes extra on Wk5R3 but still struggled with week 6 - I think that W5R3 is such a big jump from the previous runs that you need a bit of recovery time, which is why Wk 6 goes back to shorter runs. I think it is natural to expect to be able to romp through them after you've managed a 20 minute run but the reality is you need to be a bit kinder to yourself - approach them at a gentle pace, knowing that if you have extra energy left close to the end you can choose to finish at a faster pace. Make sure you do lots of stretches after each run.

Good luck next time ! -)


Thank you. I agree i need to take it slower with more rest time inbetween runs, but I'm just impatient.


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