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W7R1 - That was not a fail but a really fast dog walk!

I shouldn't have gone, woke up with lead legs and back ache, as teenage son has had a lurgy for the last few days, I checked my temperature and sure enough it was up. But as I finished week 6 on Sunday and didn't want to leave too many days between runs, I thought I'd give it a try and walk the dog at the same time as there was not enough energy in my tank for two outings.

I also thought I'd try a new route which is 4.4 miles long and has a lovely bit in the middle for my 25 min run. Set off and at 5.30 mins stopped, completely blah. Nevermind, thinks I, thought this might happen (defeated myself before I'd even started you see) I'll just walk and run as much as I can. I walked for 5 mins and then ran for 10 mins and walked again. Thinking I'll do another 10 mins and treat this as an extra training run. My last run only lasted 6 mins and then I stopped again. But ..... then I had some fun and ran as fast as I could just like when we were kids, no need to conserve energy as I could stop when I liked. I did this a few times and it was great, felt 10 years old again!

Will try R1 again, possibly Friday and will go back to the route that I have already run 20 and 25 mins on, I know I will need the psychological help.

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Good for you for framing a solid effort as exactly that. Every single step, whether you finish a run or not, makes you that much stronger and closer to 5K. And sometimes just playing is sooo worth it!

I usually have a really good run after my "bad" runs, so hopefully your next attempt at wk7 r1 will be a smashing success!


Thanks Alaiyo, needed to hear that. Lets hope my next attempt does go better, but even if it doesn't I'll remember that it's helping me to my goal of 30mins/5k.

Thanks for your support.


I just did this one last night. I hadn't ran in five days and was worried. I didn't run as far as usual but I didn't stop. Felt good to run-d.m.c. you'll be great. Just keep moving.....


Well done on completing the run after a five day break, I would have been worried too.

Still a bit worried about tomorrow, but will go and give it my best shot!

Thanks for helping.


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