Completed WK 7 R 1 this morning and ran 3.5K in the 25 minutes.Is this a decent pace?

I was just wondering if I need to step it up a gear?

I am running so that I feel comfortable and I did feel at the end as though I perhaps could have run for another five minutes.

I am interested to find out what kind of distances others are running and if I should be pushing myself more.

Still loving the programme - Feeling like I could achieve this now! Yippeeeee!!

3 Replies

  • The pace sounds good!

    And you ran it. Well done!

  • I would defintely stay at the 'feeling comfortable' This is a great place to be, and if you feel you could have run for another 5 minutes this is very positive and will help with going forward to the next levels.

    Stepping it up a gear is something to aim to do once you've finished the nine weeks....all in good time! You don't want to push it and injure yourself unneccesarily

  • Just listen to your body. I had the same question a week ago and was told focus on minutes. all in time....

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