Couch to 5K

Week 2 Run 2 Sat am

Well on saturday morning i completed w2 r2 instead of hiding myself behind the tree lined paths i decided to announce to the would that i was a (trainee) runner. I joined the other runners around the outside of the park on the road.

During the middle part of the the run run laura told me i had to walk so i slowed up and started to walk. To my surprise i got a tap on the should and one of the other runners jogging behind me urging me to keep going and not to slow down. I am not a sociable runner at 6.15am, so i politely informed him that i was doing the NHS C25K plan. at which point he shook his head and raced off at a fast pace.

Felt a little deflated but carried on around the edge of the the park all 2.60 miles of it. At the end of the run i was doing my cool down walk being a little proud of myself and feeling all was well with the world when i saw the said runner crouched on the road holding his leg and generally looking in a bit of discomfort.

2 immediate thoughts crept in to my head. 1 should i break in to a run skiping over him and shaking my head as i ran off. or 2. go and see if i could be of assistance.

No 2 won i the thought of me hurting myself and somebody running past was to much. I went and helped the guy to his feet he had misjudged a curb and to stop himself from falling had over streched himself pulling some muscle or other. I help the guy to his car and he assured me he was ok to drive. he told me that this was his first ever run and that he had done to much to soon miscalculating his fitness. My Parting advice was to go online and look up C25K. Ha ha feeling even more smug then before i even broke into a little jog on the way home in celebration. !!

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Love it! Made me giggle.


Excellent! I hope he listens to you but I wonder if he will recognise himself in this blog if he does?!


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