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Running Music -

Having graduated a couple of days ago I spent some time yesterday making my own playlist. I had no idea of how to choose music by tempo so I googled around and found which lists loads of tracks by their beat per minute (bpm) or the speed per mile/km.

On my graduation run my average speed was 12.18 minutes per mile which equates to 127bpm. Who knew that Copacabana by good old Barry Manilow would be exactly the right speed for me??? My first playlist is an extremely eclectic mix ranging from Barry to Cee Lo Green via Wild Cherry (play that funky music) and the Eurythmics - love it! Strangely though, on my first time out with it I completed my first mile in 11.10 minutes.

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This is really useful: thanks!


Funny how cheesy songs are often brillant to run to. Really useful link - thanks.


That is EXACTLY what I spent hours not finding yesterday - should just have looked/asked here. Thanks v much!


oooh excellent info - many thanks


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