Couch to 5K

week 6 run 2

woke up in excellent mood, lept out of bed got dressed and headed out the door and if you believe any of that you are very silly.

What Actually happened was alarm went of at 6:00am i rolled over decided to kill alarm clock with brute force. then slowly rose from my nice warm, comfy bed, like a behemoth rising from the abyss.

looked outside and saw rain and thought why me, i must be being punished for my previous life. anyhow got dressed, picked up i-pod and out in to the rain i went..

There it was, the familiar voice of laura welcoming me to week 6 run 2 and kindly informing i had two 10 minute runs with a 3 minute walk inbetween.

"Gee thanks Laura"

anyhow i started the usual 5 min warm up. and actually started to feel good. the first 10 mins flew by and enjoyed every minute of it, what i didn't enjoy was the 3 min walk but thast was over soon enough.

Then the next 10 min run started good and was enjoying up till minute 9 then suddenly that last minute seemed like it would never end. Finally it did end, i was tired but so pleased that i didn't stop.

i have now completed week 6 run 2 yeah!

i am now insanely looking forward to week 6 run 3, somebody call the men in the white coats to come and take me away to the nearest lunatic asylum. cause i must be out of my mind. if i enjoy getting up early and going for a run when i have a nice kingsize warm bed.

anyhow thats enough of me rambling on and on.

enjoy your runs people.

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Well done on getting out and running in the rain.

It's good that you didn't enjoy the 3 minute walk - that's your last one! The walks start to be disruptive to the running when you reach a certain stage don't they? It's all part of the very clever C25K magic.


Thanks for your post Mikey, it makes me realise that this program is not only do-able (which I have believed all along) & enjoyable to boot!

Should a novice still in week 2 like me really be looking forward to the longer runs? It's bizarre.


it doesn't matter if you are novice or have been running for years, we all have one thing in common well two actually:

1,) we are detemined group of individuals who are trying to increase our health.

2,) we are all certifiable, absolutey insane.

this training programme is great and like most people, most of the time i look forward to each run

keep up the good work and welcome to the asylum, hahaha


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