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Disappointed :(

Did W6R3 this morning and once again I got a stitch, this time literally halfway through. I didn't stop until the end of the 25 mins but I was staggering along clutching my side and not paying attention to pace or anything so I don't feel like I did it "properly". I should feel pleased to have done a 25 min run but instead I just feel really disappointed.

I feel like I can't enjoy my progress through the programme because I get a stitch on every single run. The stupid thing is I am not finding the runs themselves impossibly hard and I should be completing them and feeling really proud of myself but the stitches are ruining everything. I have read up on them online and tried everything I have read (breathing deeply, breathing on the left foot, not eating beforehand, drinking beforehand, stretching, pressing on the stitch) and nothing works.

Feeling very low :(

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I find that stitches can often present a mental challenge as well as a physical one - Our bodies are conditioned to respond to pain because it's the only way we know anything is wrong. The thing about stitches is that, while they are very uncomfortable, they won't actually harm you and you can keep on running regardless. Remembering that sometimes helps me to run through them.


I got stitch around week six for a few runs and then they just stopped happening. Just relax about it and they will pass eventually.


Also, you still did the run, you still kept going for 25mins in pain. That shows you have the endurance to easily carry on. Welcome to week 7 :)


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