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Groin/hip injury advice

im just about to do week 9, and even though I'm delighted with progress so far, immediately after my run and for the next day I have pain in my upper thigh/ groin/ hip. The pain subsides enough for me to run, but for the next day I'm hobbling about. Had anyone else experienced this?

I don't want to take extra rest days as I'm afraid I'll lose momentum.

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I'm also suffering with groin pain, but also during a run. I tend to run it thorugh, but fear that this is making it worse. It's a hard area to stretch, so no useful advice, but you are not alone!


I had this in week 1 and started doing stretches after each run and it worked for me. I agree it's a hard area to stretch so I just doing them very gently and for only 15 seconds. I think the one which helps me is sitting on the floor with your feet together and legs bent and let your knees drop down outwards as far as they will go. With me they don't go far, but the slight stretch (without pain) seems to do the trick.


Currently experiencing some hip pain. It started soon after my last run (W7R3) on Sunday. I've given it a few days rest but hasn't really got rid of the pain completely.

I've kinda put it down to a change in route but not sure if that's the reason.

Will try stretching.


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