Couch to 5K

wk 6 r1 all going good

Today was wk6 R1 but i have to be honest i didnt run for 2 weeks and re did week 5. the 20min run was easyer than i expected i seamed to get in to a stride and was ok. Today i ran 4.5 km so was quite happy with that. The realy bad thing about all this is iv started smoking again i was doing so well up till wk 4 them i was told i had a herniated disc in my neck and mentaly things went to pot, started smoking and didnt run for 2 weeks as running does agrivate my neck, but im hoping to compleat the course and run in the major series in october in memory of my dad who died 10 years ago to bowel cancer i just need to get back in to the mind set good luck to all the rest doing this

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Well done on getting back to it, is your GP ok with you running given your neck problem?

You will give up the fags soon if you carry on running I am sure! Once you get to the point where you want to start improving the distance and or speed you do you will probably make the connection that the last thing you need is to knacker your lungs lol!

Good luck on both x


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