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Week 3 Run 1 on a nice cool morning

Week 3 Run 1 on a nice cool morning

Was awake early this morning so decided to get up and get those dreaded 3 minute bursts of running out of the way!

I put on my new shoes (went for gait analysis Saturday) and off I went.

Well I surprised myself as it wasn't too bad at all :) I managed both 3 minute runs and both 90 second runs without any problem :)

I did change my route today, I normally run round the local roads and through the park but today decided I would go to the other local park and do circuits round the track at the edge of the grass. This seemed to work out much better as I was able to tell roughly how far I had to run during the 90 seconds/3 minutes so it gave me something to aim for rather than just waiting for Laura to tell me time was up.

Didn't have any shin pain (must be the new shoes) and my calf's didn't feel as tight when running either so on the whole a really positive run :)

Looking forward to the next run on Wednesday now.

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I did week 3 run 1 this morning too. Those three minutes weren't bad were they? I was quietly worried that my thighs would refuse to carry me on but the first 3 minutes went like a dream. I found the second 3 more hard going but I just decided to forget about how much was left and just try to enjoy it. It worked. Mind over matter! Good luck with the next run.


Well done, glad the shoes are going well! :)

I find it helps to have an idea when/where you're running to, but as it changes every week I find myself thinking right it should only be about as far as that junction, then Laura helpfully tells me I'm halfway through my 5 minutes, whoops. So it helps only if I remember stuff!! :)


I'm due to start week 3 and am really worried about the 3 minutes -- such a big jump from 90 seconds. It sounds as if most people diidn't find it too bad.

Well done and good luck witht the rest!


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