Couch to 5K

week 6 run 1 part 2

completed run 1 of week 6,

No longer in bad mood, alls well with the world again.

so glad i went out this morning, i am my usual happy self again. looking forward to run 2. cant believe i am on week 6 already,

i have already set a new goal for once i graduate c25k, i intend to go from 5k to 10, then from 10k to 15k by this time next year i hopefully will be running 20k 3 times a week. so there you have it folks.

i am certifiable insane. and hope to be running 20k three times a week this time next year.

i may even try a marathon next year, well if i have a moment of weakness and someone tricks me into agreeing to it.

happy running folks

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Good for you! Whenever I don't feel like a run, I always try to remember how good it feels when you've finished a good run.

Well done for going out when you felt grumpy (aka crap) and actually completing it,

20k 3 times a week? what a great goal to aim for....think I may adopt that one myself!

Managed 9k last week....gradually building up my "long" run by 0.5-1k a week.



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