Couch to 5K

Week 4 Run 1

Well that's quite a step up from Week 3 runs!! I use the 'Get Running' app on my phone so am not sure it was exactly the same as Laura's ....but ran for 2 x 3 mins & 2 x 5 mins!!! It was hard going but worth it!! Really helps that I'm running with a couple of as such a motivator to keep going!!!

How have other people found moving upto week 4???

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Yep, I'm here with you, did w4r2 yesterday. It is a big step up from w3 but I didn't find I struggled with it like I thought I would. Using largely the same route (just changed the end a bit) so I've got markers along the route where I know roughly where I stop running (just need to remember them for the right week,lol!)-yesterday I was thinking pretty sure the 5 minutes is nearly up,think I stop at that junction,then Laura tells me I'm halfway lol (so wrong week!),but it didn't bother me as much as it should've! Can't believe I'm comfortably running 16 minutes now,loving this! :)

Well done you, also the running intervals sound correct if that helps :)


I move up to week 4 at the weekend and I am not really looking forward to it. I managed to run 4 mins today [I know it was meant to be 3 but I just throught I'd try it] and felt ok but 5 mins seems so much longer! Well done though and I will let you know how I get on !


Have got my W4R2 tonight....don't know why but the first part of any run almost kills me, I think I won't be able to carry on - and then it gets easier!!'d think the first part of the run would be easier!!!

I am enjoying it though, but keep looking at later weeks (like W8 or 9) & thinking that there's no way on earth I'll ever be able to do it!!!!! Am going to just try & focus on each run & stop worrying about what I'll be aiming for in 4 weeks time!! Lol


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