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W4R3 Got over my first hiccough

I found run 1 in week 4 the hardest yet, but determined to carry on and found run 2 much easier. For run 3 I decided on a change of venue but did not realise how much hillier this run was. We are not talking steep hills here but quite long ones. I completed the first 3 sections of the run, ie 3 mins, 5 mins and the other 3 mins but 1/2 way through the last 5 mins my legs just buckled and I ended up walking the rest of the time. I was so upset. I kept telling myself that I had already run 5 mins 5 times but my legs would not listen to me. Even the next day my legs were wobbly, so I took 2 days rest and tried again at my original venue, and I did it!!! I was dreading week 5 but run 1 was completed reasonably easily, even managed to quicken my pace a little when running past other people!! My breathing is definitely getting better as well . Doing run 2 tonight when it's cooler trying to reduce any reason for failing. Can't believe I've got so far after huffing and puffing my way round W1r1.

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Hi Im due to try W4 R2 tonight and hoping it will be easier than R1, which was hard but I dont think the heat helped. Well done for even attempting hills. I change my route but avoid any inclines! May even have to consider using them for a downwards jog for my final 5 minutes though. I dont even want to know what week 5 holds yet-but well done and good luck tonight!


Well done unfit thats brilliant I have just done wk 4 run 2 which was ok,I too avoid any hills even when walking.


Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately where I live avoiding hills altogether is almost impossible.


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