Couch to 5K

Week Four Run Two

Phew, what a run. I'm still completely red in the face and sweating like crazy. I think I left it a bit too late to go this morning because it was starting to get hot about halfway through and I got completely exhausted. I thought about giving up but managed to carry on, so I'm pretty impressed with myself (especially as I'm rebooting my ovarian systems this week... not exactly a great state for a run).

I think I was definitely running a bit faster than Monday (either that or I walked a bit faster in the first bit!) because I overshot the bit where I usually turn back for home by a fair bit. I had to imagine the finish line again to make it through the very last bit, by which time I was absolutely drenched in sweat. There were other joggers out and lots of cyclists so it got a bit difficult to negotiate the path at various points. I also get a bit fed up with dog owners who don't clean up after their pets - it means you're constantly having to dodge these piles so as not to tred muck everywhere!

I'm having a slightly better week and I think the running has really helped - I've got lots of work done and my partner has sprung into action on the job front. He wasn't really happy at his job anyway, so maybe redundancy will be a blessing in disguise. I'm trying to get him to come with me for a run sometime, but he prefers weight training. He goes to boxing class too, at a place where I used to do Wing Chun. I do miss martial arts sometimes, but I'm having much more fun with the running.

One thing I've been trying to find is a decent pair of noise reduction headphones. Running in the city can be awkward because the traffic can drown out your music but I hate thinking that I'm risking tinnitus by listening to music too loud. I bought a pair of Creative noise reduction headphones recently but they're RUBBISH - like listening to someone else's tinny stereo from far away. Any suggestions for a decent pair of in-ear noise cancelling headphones? I may have to save up!

Til next time...

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Wonderful rebooting expression,still laughing now! I alter my route between pavement and fields and tried to view not getting stung by nettles and/or avoiding the poo as part of my jog..probably thought I looked more althletic than I really do, bearing in mind mid 40s and overweight jumping unelegantly from side to side!


Well done I have just completed that run today too there are quite a few of us creeping up now. Not sure how wk 5 run 3 will hold me back though.


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