Couch to 5K

Week 5 run 2

Woke up this morning and thought I don't want to do this but forced myself to get dressed. So I put on my joggers and a hoodie, then my trainers. Picked up my I-pod and headed out the door. Only to be greeted by a grey miserable rainy morning. I was so tempted to go back indoors and climb back into bed. Then I thought to myself hey you are up and dressed you might aswell do run 2 of week 5. So glad I did i feel invigorated by completing my second run of week 5. I want to take this oppotunity to thank everyone who has been kind enough to encourage me, so Thanks guys, I ready appreciate it.

5 weeks ago the idea of jogging would bring me out I a cold sweat but here I am doing C25K , wish I found this sooner.

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We were out early this morning too - it was nice and cool which made a nice difference to the last couple of weeks!

Well done for carrying on and not going back to bed!


i am really glad i did the run, i am looking forward to my run 3 of week 5 on friday, even if it wet and miserable outside.


Well done on keeping going, the elation at the end is fab isn't it?!


i love the feeling of elation at the end, i look forward to getting home for food as well. i am looking forward to run 3 on fri. i must me be insane.


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