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Wow, literally just got back in. I kinda woke up too early at 5:30 and looked outside -was quite overcast. So I slept in (past my 6:30 alarm) until 7 when it was starting to look like a glorious day. I have never got up so quick in my life, there is no way I want to run in the hot sun yet.

I have never really taken "visualise yourself doing it" people seriously but I am a fool, because before I set out I let myself think and feel that week 5 was done. In my mind it felt great. All I had to do was put on foot in front of the other then - I couldn't not let myself feel like that for real.

Needless to say it wasn't easy, but a slow pace (really slow) and just keeping moving paid off, I was even able to pick up my pace for last 2 minutes (I like to go fast for last 60secs because it helps me believe in myself for the next week).

So to cut a long story short, W5 is done :) Can't wait for W6 :)

Good Luck to everyone about to embark on this run. And to everyone oldoing c25k.

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Its a great feeling, well done, week 6 is tough but ive just completed it so feeling good today too :)


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