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W4 R1

I just realised that in using an app, my weeks/runs are slightly different to everyone else using Laura. I kind of wish I'd known about Laura earlier as I'd like to be on the same level as everyone else, but I also find my own songs really motivating and I use them to keep me going (i.e. I'm not allowed to look at the timer until a song has finished etc) so think this is the best route for me.

I don't think it's much different until next week, though I'm not really sure what the podcast timings are. My Week 4 is:

Warmup - 5 mins

Jog - 3 mins

Walk - 2 mins

Jog - 4 mins

Walk - 2 mins

Jog - 5 mins

Walk - 3 mins

Cool down - 5 mins

I've been adapting them to suit me a bit anyway so I'm not sure it matters too much. It's also a week shorter than Laura, but I don't do my first 20min run until Week 6, Run 3 rather than Week 5, Run 3. Weird.

Anyway, I set out to do W4R1 today at about 8pm, as it's been absolutely sweltering today, and the heat killed me throughout Week 3. Very glad I did, as it was the perfect temperature and I completed all the runs, so I'm very chuffed!

I struggled most with the 4 minute run, because I was running uphill and developed a stitch about 2.5mins in. I walked for 10 seconds to get rid of it, then completed the last minute (just about). To compensate for my walk, I jogged for an extra minute on top of the last 5 minutes (much easier going downhill. It's only a slight incline, but can really feel it going up), meaning that I only walked for 2 minutes at the end.

At the end of all of my runs so far, I've run for the 5 minute cool down period instead of walking, then walked around my street for a while to cool down instead. It all started in week 2, when I wanted to see how far I could run without looking at the clock, and taking it slowly managed to run the entire 5 minutes (helped along by a bit of Take That haha). I've been doing it ever since, partly to push myself, and partly because I walk an extra 5 minutes at the beginning to reduce the amount of running uphill I have to do, and so it gets me home faster!

I don't seem to be struggling with it at the moment, but as the runs get longer, it'll probably be something I have to stop. Because I did it today though, and will do it for the rest of the week, it means I'm officially running longer than I'm walking! This makes me unbelievably happy, considering that 3 weeks ago I could barely run for a minute at a time! Progress is being made, slowly but surely. I will run the entire 5k Race For Life in July!

Positive thinking :)

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Are you using an iPhone? The best App I use instead of the Podcast is 'Get Running', which sets the exact same intervals as is used on the Podcasts. (I also use a GPS tracker and my own music to get me through!)



Yeah I am - I saw that app and it looks fab. I'm just a bit wary about changing my programme when I'm nearly halfway through. I know it's not that different up to now, but I'm worried as I'm unprepared for it mentally whereas I know what to expect with the app I'm using at the moment.

Think I'll download it and see how different the programme is, and see how I feel from there. Thanks for the advice :)


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