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Running club 1st speed session :o

I'm just back from a speed session with the running club that I do 5k runs with on Thursdays. They talked me into Monday madness and speed sessions by telling me I would improve my pace and it would help my distance training.

Get this.... I was sprinting!!!! Oh there's more, I was sprinting UPHILL!! It doesn't stop there! I was sprinting uphill and still smiling!! (Facts might help here, the fast bits are very short bursts and the slow resting bits are much longer but I still did it).

I loved every minute of it, I got to know 2 new people and spoke to several more. I can't wait till the next run on Thursday (I'm sure my aching legs will appreciate it after tonight) and more speed next week :)

There's a big fat grin on my red blotchy face

:) :) :)

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That's really cool. I wish I had a club near by I am envious.


your club sounds really fab...from what i can gather mine only goes out once a week and it's for longer runs.


It's the sweatshop running community (SRC), is there not one of those near by?

Our local sweatshop organises our local Parkrun so I thought it was them running all of them up and down the country.


I only found out last week that Monday session is usually 2 groups, 1 does speed while the other does a10k run. I thought I wasn't up to either when they told me. Im glad I went though. Sprinting is so much fun when you're used to slow running and barely moving lol

Because they hold 2 sessions a week and run the Parkrun it does make it easier to get to know people too.


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