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W5R3 - Moving on up

Last Thursday's W5R2 run was scuppered by kids homework, late night shopping trip to Tesco to get Home Ec ingredients for aforementioned kids' Home Ec lessons on Friday and early evening heat. Way too late to run when I got back from shopping so shelved W5R2. Did it on Friday evening, fairly late on but still very warm. The first 4 minutes seemed to take forever and I did not see how on earth I would make it through the second 4 and then 8 more! But I did! V pleased about that so on to W5R3.

Once again plan to run on Sunday was binned when OH decided that a day of gardening should end with a BBQ and having friends over for the evening. I could not really excuse myself from the BBQ for even half an hour, and it was lovely just to chill for a while. So I mentally rescheduled my run for 5.30 this morning as OH leaves for work then anyway and I thought I could leap out of bed and show W5R3 just what I was made of! 5.30 came and went, 6.30 came and went. At 6.40 I pulled myself together, got the boys out of bed and heading towards the breakfast table and headed out for my run. Again the first 5 minutes were the worst. Once I got past 10 minutes it got mentally easier (like running down a hill having slogged all the way up to the top) but physically tough. But I did it! The morning's timings were by that time well and truly messed up so took the boys to school still dripping with sweat and did a dump and run at the school gates! Home for a quick shower and lots of water, now back at my desk earning the daily crust.

Somewhat worried to have just read a post that says that W6R1 is the hardest run when I thought that i had just done the hard one!! Oh well, onwards and upwards - I am invincible!

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Phew, talk about juggling balls. Always amazed at how people just make time for this plan. Hats off to you.


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