Couch to 5K

Week Four Run One

Wow, week four already! It was already getting hot as I woke up, so I worried a bit about setting out. I was also a little concerned that I'd had two rest days as I've just returned from a weekend in lovely Cornwall. Luckily, neither of those things had much of an impact.

On this run, the first part was definitely harder than the second. My legs started to hurt through the first three minute run and I had to keep breathing really heavily so as not to get a stitch. Luckily, I powered through the first five minute run although I was going pretty slowly. Once I got closer to the end, things started to click into place. During the last five minute run, I tried to imagine I was at the end of a race and only had a little way to go. It really helped.

I've been trying to monitor my progress in terms of fitness - I certainly feel better for going for a run, and I sleep better too. I've also developed some impressive thigh muscles. I don't monitor my weight (never have!), but I don't think I've lost any yet. My body feels the same as ever and I haven't changed my diet. I don't eat unhealthily, but I can't resist the occasional chocolate bar or packet of crisps (salt n vinegar is my kryptonite). I learned to cook within the last year, so it's easier than ever for me to get my five a day. I feel weird if I go a whole day without eating any fruit or vegetables now, whereas I used to exist on pizzas and microwave meals.

Still, I'm looking forward to being able to run for longer and longer as the weeks go by. I'm already planning out what I'll do when I go on holiday next month - I'm off to Belfast for five days - but I'm sure I'll still be able to fit the runs in.

Hope everybody else is doing OK and thank you for the comments on the last post - getting comments on these blogs is like having a welcoming party at the end of every run, it makes you feel a lot better for your work.

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Sounds like you are doing really well! I still find it hard to monitor my diet - I think living alone has meant that I sometimes have bad habits, even if I make an effort to cook from scratch every evening. Can't live without cheese. It's amazing how fast you feel the difference in fitness, I can't remember which week it is, but Laura at some point says soemthing about how when recovery is coming easier in the breaks that means that you are getting fitter. Belfast should be a nice place to run around. Btw, I often take a two day break, I try to aim for three runs a week, which usually means that there is a two-day break in there somewhere - I usually put it at the end of the working week so I am not exhausted.


Oooh Cheese, I went vegan a few yrs ago, thought it would make me feel healthy, missed only cheese. Needless to say I didn't feel any healthier and it only lasted 6 months :)


Well done, I loved week 4, it was the only week I managed a sprint at the end of the run. My weight loss has stopped pretty much dead since I have been on C25K but my shape has changed quite a bit especially my tummy. This is mainly because i haven't managed to stick to my hardcore diet for a few weeks (my own dumd-ass fault) but really need to get back into it.


well done on week 4, just finished w3 so will be attempting that on Wed.


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