Couch to 5K

Started week 2 this morning :D Feeling more energetic - keeping you all upto date. Update also on my diet changes

Hi Guys - as requested I am keeping you updated on my progress. Started week 2 this morning and I admit I felt a little scared running longer than week 1 but guess what.... I did it :D By the end of it I felt very drained however after my cool down I felt loads better and proud I did it :p

Breakfast - I admit I love my coffee however I have switched to a simple black coffee this morning and eat egg's with one slice of wholemeal toast (portion control). Looking around the web, eggs are supposed to help keep you fuller for longer so we will see. Off to work now - I work in a call centre and this can be my biggest downfall as I drink cappacino's an latte's but will give it a go at simple water today or nice cold fruit juice. Lunch - no idea - can you give me ideas?

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I take in a big crunchy salad with prawns avocados, or chicken. Yoghurt afterwards and a piece or two of fruit. That will keep you going! I work in a pre school and the temptation to snack is always there too!!


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