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At least it's getting better

I seem to have set my mind on doing "Week 6,5" - Something between Weeks 6 and 7.

I haven't managed to run the 25 minutes today either, but at least this time I know that it's solely up to me not having the willpower. I changed the route a bit: I did half of my usual one, then "connected" it with my usual "darkness-route", and did this one about a fourth.

The problem today wasn't a stitch - didn't get one - or the fact that I didn't find my steps - I did rather quickly. The problem was that I changed the route in a way I would end up at the playground to take pictures I had promised a colleague. Only I timed it wrong and ended up there exactly at the 20 minute mark. Of course I could have gone further and run around the lake or even only up the path and back, but no... I felt myself slowing down on the height of the playground. "No", I told myself as I noticed, "you are not stopping now! There are still 5 minutes left and you know how gutted you felt when you didn't complete the task the past two times!". I sped up a bit... and then slowed down and stopped after three steps. Great.

So that was that. I took the pictures and walked home (about 6 minutes). But hey, at least I managed 20 minutes this time! And I wanted to stick to the Week 7 podcast for this week anyway (also because I only ran twice the past week), until I at least can stick the 25 minutes three times. That's the plan for this week. The next two runs (Thursday and Sunday) I'll do the 25 minutes! Come what may!

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20 mins is still a wonderful achievement! There's no time limit on this and you can take as long as you need to in order to build up both the stamina and the confidence you need. You are doing amazingly and you've done the hardest part, it's just getting that last ten mins in the bag now. You will be able to do it. Good luck!! x


Thank you! The last 5 minutes is about willpower know. I know I did it once and I can do it again. And then it's "only" two more weeks and 5 minutes to 30 minutes! Doesn't seem that scary if you read it like this.

And even if I didn't manage the 25 minutes today, I have the confidence back that I can do it on my next run.


Well done, at least you managed 20 minutes. I would say dig deep and get 3 x 25 minutes uonder your belt on amove on. Wk 7 was my worst overall week, I managed W6R3 but failed miserably on W7R1 but it does get better, though why running 28 minutes is easier than running 25 I have no idea. I managed it at the second attempt (after re-running Wk6 for various reasons) and am now on Wk10R1 (my own devising!) and am a running addict.

Good luck, you CAN do it


Thank you! 28 min is easier than 25? Now that's good to know. :D

Great. Reading this forum ALWAYS make me want to go out and run RIGHT NOW! ;)


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