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Wk9 R1 and my throat is like razor blades

I had a little bit of a sore throat yesterday but nothing terrible. But when my alarm went off at 5.15 this morning I swallowed and my throat was very sore and my voice has virtually gone. I contemplated not getting up for my run as I felt a bit rough but then I remembered what someone said on this site. If it's above the neck then run but if it's below the neck (ie chest infection) then don't. So off I went.

I am just so pleased that I did. Funnily enough I found it my easiest run for a long time and I did just over 5k in the 30 mins, so naturally I am very pleased with myself.

My throat still hurts and my voice is barely there (much to the joy of my hubby and sons!) but it proves that a little bit of a cold shouldn't stop you exercising.

I'm amazed that in just 2 more runs I will be a graduate!

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That's good to know because I have woken up this morning unable to breath and a fuzzy head. I am meant to run tonight and still have every intention. Taking the paracetamol so hopefully I'll feel more human later.

I think it may have been my post a couple of weeks back about running with a cold. Now it's back :-( I had better use that advice!


Wow there are plenty of graduates still trying to achieve 5k in 30 mins, and you ran further! If you did that feeling rough, imagine what you can do when you're 100% :)


That is some serious pace you have go there - well jel!


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